Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. Overview of Safety

    3. Course Materials

    4. Glossary

    1. Set up your space

    2. Meditation

    3. Signs of Abuse

    4. How You Got Here (Trauma Bond)

    5. Bonus Video: Why You Can't Leave the Relationship - Teal Swan Video

    6. The Cycle of Abuse

    7. How to Set a Boundary with an Abuser

    8. Resource 1: The Container PDF

    9. The Container - Audio

    10. Resource 2: Writing the Story PDF

    11. Rewriting the Story - Audio and Example (in text)

    12. Beginning to Heal

    13. Next Steps and Ongoing Support

    1. Self Care

    2. Join the Online Community

    3. Complementary Validation Call {Included for all purchases after 11/1}

    1. Bonus Video: Are They Changing?

    2. Bonus Video: Un-Gaslighting Yourself 1

    3. Bonus Video: Un-Gaslighting Yourself 2

    4. Bonus Video: Stop Sharing Resources with a Narcissist

    5. Bonus Podcast: The Mind of the Abuser

    6. Bonus Video: Love Bombing, Mark Groves

    7. Free PDF of Full Book: "Why Does He Do That?" Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men

    8. Bonus Podcast: Stop Defending Yourself Against Gaslighting

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